Kitten Animation Studios; Stop motion at your fingertips

This is exactly what the Dr Kitten Bob team wanted when they launched Kitten Animation Studios; a fun free way to watch stop motion on Youtube. And thats what we want to do.

Dr Kitten-Bob first started as a little idea in early March, 2015. It was started sometime in may 2015 and then 3 videos were published in quick succession. Then in June, the Dr Kitten-Bob Team decided to slowly close most of the sections in the channel. Then in early July, 3 months after Dr Kitten-Bob’s last post, the team decided to open Kitten Animation Studios, a stop motion video channel, as the Dr Kitten-Bob main channel. It was the decided that the old Dr Kitten-Bob channel would be only for kids news when important events come, a long pending idea from the Dr Kitten-Bob team.

To contact us just send us an email at:

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We hope you enjoy our videos as much as we did making them.


The Kitten Animation Studios